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Money Is Spent Well When Spent On Us

Most small businesses try to save up in all possible ways but there are a few things where the investment is worth it. We at Avenues Nepal undertake web designing and website development along with a lot of other internet based services which can be of use to any business. Web design cost is most reasonable with us and what you get is well worth every penny you spend on us.

Reasonable prices

Some web design companies charge ridiculously high web design prices just because they are in demand. You cannot trust the lowest charging company as what you pay for is what you get. This is not the case with us as we have set reasonable prices for the services we offer. And you can be sure the final results will be what you expected from a good long standing company.

Why choose us?

We have a decade long experience which puts us way ahead of all the newer companies. We have already designed over 1000 websites which has been a very good learning experience and has clearly put us ahead of the rest. We also have the best web design prices which are important to all the small businesses struggling to survive. Also, we don't compromise on quality. We always make sure that the ready to launch websites look attractive, well done and professional.

Website design rates

We can also be consulted on internet marketing strategies and concept development. Designing, development and management of website content is also undertaken for you. These services will help you come up with better ideas with the help of our experts who have real experience in designing good websites. All our services have been explained in simple words so that you don't always need to have technical knowledge to approach us.

Get a quote

You don't have to worry that after the job is done, you will be surprised with a really big bill. You can specify your requirements and tell what kind of a website you want designed and get a free quote from us at You will also have to specify what information you will be supplying us with to work on. All these details will help us figure out the web design cost, which we will let you know before we start on the project. Payment can be done using credit cards for your convenience.