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The New Buzz in Town: Squidoo

Squidoo lensThe strange looking icon on the left is that of a squid and the eye ball at the end denotes lens. All together this is the logo of one of the most popular community websites that allows users to create pages (also known as lens in Squidoo).

History on Squidoo:
Seth Godin founded Squidoo in the year 2006 (alright I admit it’s not relatively new) as a platform for users to set up pages on any topic. They have a special term for the page known as “Lens”. On how Squidoo gets its name, Godin explains, “Squids have large eyes, and each lens on Squidoo provides a view on the world.”

Features of Squidoo:
The users here are known as “Lensmasters” and creating a lens is pretty easy with the facility of modules. You can include almost everything necessary on your page: text, images, RSS feeds, video, audio, recommendations, links and opt-in boxes.

What’s so special about Squidoo?
As a Squidoo user, I love their presentation. They are very friendly to the users, yes they are user-friendly as well. What’s the difference? Here’s a piece from the recent mail I got from them: “Happy Birthday! Okay, chances are it’s not really your birthday. But we wanted to give you a present anyway. So here it is. It’s another Squidoo secret. And it’s a big one. You’ve probably heard that you can make money from Squidoo. Yes, for free. We’re here to confirm the rumors.” You can see their approach is quite friendly. Ah wait I think I forgot to mention earning money from creating lens there. Let’s have a whole paragraph on that.

  • Making Money on Squidoo:
    Seth Godin states that he started Squidoo for the purpose of earning money, not only for the company but for charities and lensmasters who provide content as well. Squidoo earns money through ads and affiliate links. 5% of this goes to charity, 45% goes to the company and the remaining 50% is either donated to charity or given to the Lensmasters. The charity or the page creator earns depending on how popular the Lens is.
  • What else?
    Last but not the least advantage of creating Squidoo Lens is to get traffic to your site and your blog. Leave link of your website and your blog on your Lens and people are bound to click on that depending on how informative it is. The best way to enhance them is to keep updating them, add modules, experiment with the keywords, images and links, sky is the limit here!

Opening an account on Squidoo is real easy and it is equally easy to create lens there. The reason I am talking about this site is because it has so many features and it is like a micro search engine for the lenses. More and more people are into Squidoo these days. If you are a regular Twitter, Squidoo has the facility to announce your lens there as well. It has the facility to connect to all your social networking profiles in an easy way. Squidoo is a great platform, if you expertise on something. Share you knowledge and you shall be rewarded!!

August 25, 2009 ISSUE #38