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Get Custom Website Design at Affordable Price

Affordable Custom Websites Design by AvenuesNepal.com

If you looked on the Internet, you are sure to find numerous website templates to build your website upon. But, as any Internet expert will tell you, it does not help to cut corners when it comes to your website, especially by means of using a template.

Custom Web Design
If you were to search for any product or service on a search engine, you are likely to come up with thousands of results. Such is the competitive nature of the Internet. What then distinguishes one business from another? The answer is their website. When you look at the websites of different vendors offering the same product or service, one of the many factors that helps you choose amongst them is their website, its appearance, its attractiveness, its appeal and its ease of navigation. Websites that look similar are easily dismissed- it is that website that looks singularly different that appeals to us. That is why for your own business website, it is crucial that you choose custom website design rather than choosing a template.

Benefits of Custom Web Design
Custom web designs not only add to the attractiveness of a website. They ensure that their functionality is as perfect as possible. This means that with custom web design you can ensure that all the elements that are necessary for your business, whether it is a simple form or e-commerce functionality as present on your website, and that too in as professional manner as possible. Custom websites can ensure that your exact needs and requirements with regard to your website are fully met.

If you are looking for a professional web design service that can custom design your website for you, there is no better solution than AvenuesNepal.com. Avenues Nepal has highly professional experts dedicated to the task of ensuring that your website meets all your requirements optimally. Not just web design, they offer a range of services like content development, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization amongst others to ensure that you get the most bang for your buck.

Cost Effectiveness
If you are concerned about the cost effectiveness of hiring such a professional team of experts, you can be assured that AvenuesNepal.com offers highly competitive rates. For instance, they charge no more than $100 USD for a 10 page web design, $50-$100 for your logos and $100-$200 for content management. There is no doubt that they offer value for money.

March 8, 2011 ISSUE #62