Social Networking: MySpace

my_spaceMySpace was launched in the year 2003. Within these 5 years, it has gained a good rank compared to other social sites. With more than 114,000,000 registered users, it ranks 6 on Alexa page rank. MySpace has been able to fulfill most of the social networking requirements and is popular among various age groups. If you browse through MySpace, you can see most Hollywood celebrities are equally involved in it as any other member. Various television shows and movies have also launched their official MySpace profile for their fans to participate and leave their comments. Music bands, singers also make use of their profile to update their fans about their concert schedule.

As I keep repeating the advantages of social networking sites, MySpace is a platform where you can promote your product or service. You need to start off by creating a profile with a good outlook. You can put your company’s logo and make your profile look attractive (could be professional or fun-filled). You can search for MySpace layouts and backgrounds in order to change the layout from plain white to match your taste. You need to fill your profile with all the possible details that people interested in your product or service might find helpful. If you have videos to display or you want the visitors to listen to some audio piece you can add this on your profile. The disadvantage of doing this is that in places with slow internet connection it might take more time to load which could drive them away before getting into your profile. After creating the profile you can take part in groups, place advertisements on the classified and socialize to get your message through to other users. MySpace optimization is all about building your network or in simple language making as many friends as possible. There are more than 3 million groups covering almost anything like computers, cooking, art etc. on MySpace, giving you enough choices to be the member of any group related to your field and increase your friends circle. You can even create your own group if you think your area of interest is missing.

It is essential to have good network of responsive friends in order to promote your product or service on MySpace. It is quite easy to build your friends list on MySpace. You can do this by searching other users’ profiles, participating in forums and by joining groups. You can even go through peoples’ profiles and make direct contact with them.

Once you have created a good list of friends, your next step will be to participate on various MySpace activities. You can post on your blog, leave comments on other people’s pages and send out bulletins to keep your friends updated. You can make your bulletins and blog interesting to attract more visitors. You got to be a little more creative on that. However, it is always better not to overdo it. Spamming as they are called, posting unbelievable amount of bulletins or advertisements on classifieds might not be a good idea. By doing this you might run the risk of your profile being deleted.

MySpace is all about socializing. You need to be careful while promoting your product or service. You can build up your creditability you need to be clear about what you intend to sell and the features of it. Transparency is vital here, the people who will be interested in what you are selling will love to know more about it, the ones who are not will simply ignore your message. Many online marketers suggest creating multiple profiles to make the marketing campaign more effective. This totally depends upon the amount of time and effort you are ready to spend on this. MySpace is an effective way of promoting your product or service but it is not the only place to do so. Hence, I suggest a single profile might be enough for the start. If it creates better results, you can always create more, the service of course is Free.

August 28, 2008 ISSUE #25