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There was a time that you weren’t anybody until your ad was in the phonebook. Today you aren’t anybody until you have a website. Like a print ad that catches the eye, if you do not have a well-designed website you will probably not attract new customers. You will need to find a small business web design company that will work for you and your business.

Determine What You Need
Before looking for a business web design company you must determine what you want both from the design company as well as on your website. First think about what content you want and where you want the focus to be. Maybe you want to focus on the products your company offers, or maybe you companies commitment to customer service should have the spotlight. Also consider how complicated you want your site. Do you want a simple one-page site or many pages with multiple colors, extensive graphics and detailed copy? You also need to determine the web design cost you are willing to spend. Is money no object? Or are you looking for low cost web design ?

Research and Critique Several Different Web Design Companies
Now that you know what you want, it is time to find your web designer. Begin your search by asking others who have had web sites designed whom they used. Also look online for web designer. Pay attention to their own website. Do you find it attractive? Check their web design prices to make sure you will not be going outside your budget. Find out if the web design company has ever designed a website for someone in your industry. Being familiar with your line of business is a plus. Find out if the web design company offers any extras such as marketing or writing your web copy.

First Contact With Your Web Designer
There are expert web designers all over the globe. Your first contact with your chosen web designer might be face-to-face, over the phone or via email. However you contact your new web designer expecting the same level of service. Make sure your web design contact is listening to your needs. Make sure your web designer has knowledge of your line of business and explains the design process in clear, concise, non-technological language that you can understand. Make sure they provide their web design rates upfront.

Take A Look at the References
Your final step before hiring a web design company is to take a look at their references. Speak with past clients to find out if the company met all their deadlines and paid attention to your requests and any changes you wished to make. Make sure they stuck with their original web design costs and did not go over budget.

By following these few steps you are sure to find a top-notch web design company. Do not limit yourself to web designers in your area. Some of the best and most talented are web design Nepal talent. So keep an open mind and look all over the globe for designer that will work best for you.

June 1, 2010 ISSUE #52