Press Release Part II : Press Release Optimization

press release optimizationIt has become important to get search engine exposure for not only your websites but also your articles, blogs and press releases. Press release optimization is one of the latest developments in the field of search engine exposure. Search engines are giving preference to press releases these days. They are coming under various search terms on top search engines. Hence it is necessary to optimize your press releases in order to get organic traffic.

The first step of optimizing your press release is to find the important keywords relevant to your news. These keywords are the ones used by your prospects to get to you. This step is similar to the SEO keyword research step. You can always try different keywords related to your news. You need to place the most important keywords in the title as well as at the beginning of the content. You need to make this keyword rich title interesting as well. Your content should be something different and fascinating. It is all about grabbing the readers’ attention and luring them to your website. To lead the readers to your website you need to provide the link to your website. This is another great way of getting backlink and in turn improving your search engine ranking.

You need to publish your press release on your own website as well as submit it to various online media outlets. One of the best places to submit your press release is the major news search engines. They are used by various users and hence help you get better exposure.

Press release optimization needs the combination of marketing, writing skills and webpage optimization techniques. Though you need to put a bit more effort it offers you great opportunities. Optimized press release is a good path to increase quality traffic and improving your web presence.

While optimizing your press release you need to avoid keyword stuffing. With the increase of press release spam keyword stuffed press releases are often ignored. You need to make proper use of keywords to make it sound interesting and relevant. Most of the PR distributors manually check your press release before publishing it, you need to convince them that your news is worth being published. The trick here is to incorporate keywords into a press release and make it sound natural. If you have important news it’ll be better to take help from a professional.

There are many free press release distribution sites on the internet. You need to check the pros and cons submitting in these free services. Depending upon the nature of your news and also the popularity of the distributors you need to decide which one is a better choice.

Press release optimization should be done considering factors like your targeted audience, circles of influence and the importance of the news piece. You need to make sure that your news is easy to find and approved by the search engines.

JUNE 19, 2008 ISSUE #15