How to write effective Google Adwords:

Google Adwords is one of the best advertising medium on the internet. Google is still ranked #1 when it comes to search engines and they place these advertisements on relevant search terms giving higher chances of the ad being clicked. The advertisers pay at least $1 per click for competitive keywords. But just paying more money does not guarantee the advertisement to be displayed on top. Google gives more preference to the most clicked ads than the highest paid ads. A simple equation might explain the reason behind this:
20 Clicks on Ad #1 ($1/click) > 2 Clicks on Ad #2 ($2/click).
Here you can see that 20 clicks on $1 per click ad generates $20 where as only 2 clicks on $2 ad generates $4, giving Google more profit from the $1 ad. Therefore it is very important that the advertisements placed are effective and that people are lured to click on it.

Rules of Google Adwords:

Besides your ad being creative and attractive, it has to follow few restrictions:

  • You can only have 25 characters for the headline
  • You are allowed to use only 35 characters per text row.
  • You can’t use pictures or colors for the ad.
  • Only 4 rows per ad is allowed including the destination URL.

These restrictions don’t cause much harm to your ad. You can still create very effective advertisements. The best way to start off is by exploring Google and checking your competitors’ advertisements and see how they’ve used their creativity on the 4 row ad.
You 4 row ad should contain:
– Line 1 :  Headline (Keywords) 25 characters
– Line 2 : Your Offer, 35 Characters
– Line 3 : Your Promise
– Line 4 : Your Link

Writing Effective Google Adwords:

With limited characters and time to grab visitors’ attention, it is important to create an effective ad. You got to follow few steps:

  1. Keyword Research:
    Keyword research is the primary and important step for creating Google adwords. You need to know how competitive these keywords are. If you don’t have much budget set aside, then it is wise to start with less competitive keywords. Google has its own Keyword Research Tool you can make use of.
  2. Multiple Ads:
    You need to create more than 10 ads. Since Google keeps switching between various advertisements, you can submit more advertisements to experiment and display variety.
  3. Ads of the Competitors:
    As I’ve mentioned earlier, you can check on the ads of your competitors and see where they are going wrong or what exactly they are following to make the advertisement effective. You should not copy their advertisement but can definitely learn from it.

After you follow these steps, it’s time for you to create ads that will be clicked by more people. To create clickable ads you can use these tricks:

  • Show how different you are from your competitors. Explain what is unique about your service or product.
  • Make your advertisement relevant to your keyword.
  • You can give things away in order to lure the visitors (You can’t use the word Free while creating these ads).
  • You can use the search term in your ad two to three times.
  • Avoid jargon language (using too much of technical terms).
  • You can use words like guarantee, exclusive, new, fast, unique, affordable to make it sound more interesting.

You need to experiment with your ads. You have to keep testing with the multiple advertisements you made. You can pick the ones that are getting most clicks and make other advertisements similar to that. Be more creative and do not hesitate to try new things out.

OCTOBER 2, 2008 ISSUE #30