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Building a website can be pretty easy if you know the purpose of the website and what you want out of the site. If you have money restraints, you don’t have to worry because you can find good web designers who can develop your website at reasonable prices.

Research on good web designers or web development companies
A simple search on any popular search engine can leave you with a million results on custom website design development companies. However, it is advisable that you do a little research before choosing a company to do your website. Also, be clear on what you want out of your site to avoid paying more for nothing. Below are a few important factors to keep in mind in order to design a good website.

Keep the content simple
One of the most important elements of your website is the content you put in it. Quality content also results in high ranking in search engine result pages. Search engines work to give users quality results on their searches. Keep it simple and ensure that your website is easy to read. Most website visitors don’t read all the content on one page. They usually scan through the page to see if they can find anything that would be of use to them. Hence, keep it simple and make sure that a visitor can get a good gist of what you have to offer without having to read too much. Also create headers between paragraphs or ideas so that visitors can find what they want easily. Ensure that you don’t have long paragraphs and break them up.

Colors and Font
Use high contrast colors for the font and background because this makes reading easier on the visitor’s eyes. Avoid vibrant background like orange and yellow because it makes reading text more difficult. Avoid bright background and bright text. Try and keep the background a light color and use dark colors for the text. Also, don’t make your website a concoction of colors. Keep it as simple and attractive as possible.

Ensure easy navigation
Make sure that visitors are able to find what they want in your website within three clicks. Keep the menus and links simple so that a visitor can go from one page to another without any difficulty. Plan the site around how a person would use it. This strategy will also make search engines navigate through your site easily. Also make sure that you don’t have more than two layouts in your site design. This makes it easier for a user to remember where your content is and makes it easier for him to get used to the site.

April 17, 2010  ISSUE #44