Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising is a type of marketing where an automated system generates advertisement on a website based on the content. The competitive business market demand advertisements to be more precise. The businesses want their advertisement to reach the right customers at the right time. Contextual advertisements are getting popular cause of their relevance to the content of the site. When relevant ads are displayed there are higher chances of visitors clicking on the advertisement. The more ads are clicked the more traffic is generated and higher chances of the product being sold to the right customers. For example if your website is about kids wear you would want your advertisement to be placed on similar themed sites. When your ads appear on such sites there are higher chances of your ads being viewed. Contextual advertising was introduced by Google in the form of Google Adsense advetising program. he contextual advertisement is where Google’s maximum revenue is generated. They place these ads on millions of websites worldwide.

Advantage of Contextual Advertising:
Earlier people had to bear horde of unrelated advertisements. They were annoying and instead of getting more traffic, it proved to be useless. Contextual advertising has solved this problem. There are various software that track the web surfing habits of a user. With the help of this information one can predict what that person is looking for and show related advertisements on the website currently being visited by her. The person then can purchase the product she is in search of without even leaving the site.

Companies benefit from contextual marketing since it helps them to address target audience specifically. It is more cost effective and time saving than other marketing strategies, and also helps the companies to retain their customers.

Is contextual advertising right for you?
Contextual marketing is gaining popularity due to its efficiency. Anyone could use this form of advertisment to promote their product. Contextual advertising is small text ads shown on webpages relevant to the website content. Since there are many programs to track consumer behavior, contextual advertising is not difficult to follow. If you are a publisher contextual advertising could be one of the sources of revenue. You can place related advertisements on your site and make enough money to cover your website expenses. If you are an advertiser you can place advertisements by pay per click scheme and drive more traffic to your site. Make sure your advertisements have minimum keywords that focuses on your product. You can get creative with your advertisements. You can produce more ads and check which ones work better. The ones with higher number of clicks are those that attract visitors. You can remove the ones that don’t work well and work towards getting better results.

JULY 10, 2008 ISSUE #18