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Which one’s better for your website: Dedicated IP address or a Shared IP address?

There has been an age old debate over which one’s better, a dedicated IP address of a shared one. A dedicated or a static IP address is a unique IP address that represents your website. Whether you type in your IP address or your webpage name it’ll open the same page. A shared IP address on the other hand is the one where you website will reside on a shared server and share the same IP as the ones on the server. On the shared IP you have to type in your web page name. Relying on the definition alone having something personalized is always luxurious than having to share it. With this luxury comes the price. Dedicated IP is more expensive (few bucks extra) than the shared one. But the debate over which ones better is not only about the price but from the SEO point of view as well.

In general, having a shared IP address does not harm your site rank at all. However, SEO experts usually suggest a dedicated server. According to them, search engines give more preference to a static IP. After a bit of research this is what I found out about how search engine spiders like Google bots differentiate between the IP addresses. When these spiders come across your site they divide it with basic html 1.0. With a dedicated IP address the spiders are able to do so with html 1.0 alone and they get indexed as soon as it is parsed. On the other hand with a shared IP these spiders may have to use html 2,3 and so on until they are able to find the address for your site taking as long as 3 months or even more. During this phase the spiders will use the IP of the main site on the server, usually the host’s site. They keep crawling back until they find your site. The links build by you for your site during this phase is accredited on the main site rather than yours. You will get these links back after that phase is through. So the bad thing here is some other site gets all the credit for your hard work, which could be frustrating.

The other advantages of having a dedicated IP are as follows: Continue reading

Establishing a Domain Portfolio

Domain NameAccording to the Domain Name Industry Brief from Verisign, there are more than 162 million domain name registrations across all of the Top Level Domain Names at the end of the first quarter of 2008. This means there are a lot less domain availability and more competition. If you want two lettered sequences, sorry to say they’ve all been taken. You want to shift to three lettered sequence, you’re out of luck for that as well. To fulfill the growing demand there are more domain extensions now like .us, .tv, .biz but .com and .net still are still the most widely sought after extensions. Domain name establishment has become obligatory for long term brand sustainability and profit. Here are few things you need to remember to establish a domain portfolio.

  • Existing Domain:
    You need not be disappointed that your top choices of domain names have already been taken. There are chances of buying from the owners for some price, if you think the domain name is worth it. You can also check the value of these domains which will help you decide its worth. There are many tools that can help you research the value of domains. Dnscoop is a free resource offering site that helps you get information on any domain like its age, inbound links, Alexa traffic rank, Google PageRank and other features. Another such free tool is PagerankPredict.
  • Reliable Domain Registrar:
    It is important that you find a reliable domain registrar for a decent price. These domain name registrars are accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). A registrar should offer features like authorization to update the physical address, email address, telephone number etc, manage DNS records and other privacy control features.
  • Domain Extensions:
    The Top Level Domains .com and net are the most widely used extensions. Always choose these extensions over .biz, .org, .gov and so on.
  • Misspellings and Typosquatting:
    When an internet user types wrong (misspelled) URL into the browser’s address bar, website owners known as cybersquatters take advantage of such situation which is known as Typosquatting or URL hijacking. This happens when a user misspells the URL or types in a different TLD for example instead of they might type or When such typographical errors occur they are led to an alternative website. There are many typosquatting and copyright issues coming to front but it will be good if you can buy such domains to protect your brand.
  • Domain Tasting:
    Domain tasting is the practice of exploiting the five days grace period (the Add Grace period of AGP) provided by ICANN at the beginning of the registration to test the marketability of a domain. If the registrant changes their mind about the domain they are liable to a full refund on domain purchases.

Domain name registration is an easy task these days, but what is difficult is to choose one. While choosing a domain name, it is clever to choose one which is easy to spell and if it’s shorter it will be remembered better. Domain name is just like a person’s name, easy ones get remembered more often.