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PodcastingA podcast is an audio file which could be downloaded by readers from their favorite blogs and listen to it on any audio compatible device like an Ipod, a mp3 or windows media player. Podcasting is distributed via RSS feed (Really Simple Syndication). Podcasting is a great new method of audio file distribution which helps build good communication between the producers and the consumers. It is an easy way of delivering your messages to the listeners. Unlike TV or radios, podcasting can reach targeted market. Podcasting can be easily accessed anywhere and downloaded online anytime which makes it an effective and portable source of media. Podcasting spreads its popularity on various fields:

Music: Podcasting has become really popular in the music industry. With the help of this you can promote albums, music demos, broadcast interviews, promotional clips. It is hard to explain music in words. It is better heard that read. Hence podcasting is beneficial for anyone promoting or interested in music.

Education: Podcasting could be used for training and educational purposes. Some people find it hard to read from the computer screen. Podcasting lets them learn things with the help of video and audio.

Tutorials: Podcasting could be used for various tutorials. These have been famous for teaching foreign languages.

Story Telling: Podcasting can be used to tell stories to children or visually impaired. When a story is being told, it adds emotions to it, making it a better form of conveying the message.

Podcasting first started with the idea of user being able to distribute their own radio shows. With the advancement of podcasting, it has been used in various fields. The advantages of using podcasting are:

  • Portability:
    Podcasting is the most portable form of media. Any person from any part of the world can easily download media files and sync them with any portable media players automatically.
  • Updated:
    Podcasting uses RSS feed which means if you have subscribed for podcasting you will be notified about the updates in the content. You need not visit the site regularly to check on the latest news, you subscribe once and the software will automatically check for the new content and keep you informed. This does not occupy space in your email inbox and ensures you never miss out on anything important.
  • No Spam:
    RSS feed or podcasting does not make use of your email address to send the updates ensuring 100% spam free service. The subscribers receive only the messages that they wish to. Unsubscribing is equally easy.
  • Scheduled downloads:
    Listeners can schedule the time to download the podcast files with the help of podcatching software. This method is good for people with slow internet connection as they can schedule the download at appropriate time.
  • Using existing technologies:
    Podcasting does not use any new or complicated technology. It uses the existing protocols and standards like a web server we use to host our website. It is just like RSS feed that is used by websites to syndicate content.
  • Simple and easy to create:
    Podcasting is really simple and easy to create. All you need is recording device, web space and a podcatcher. Following few simple steps you can easily create podcast for your website.
  • Measurable:
    You can easily measure the number of times your podcast has been downloaded.

Podcasting is relatively a new marketing medium. Many people are not aware of this technology, thus it is hard to reach everyone through podcast. If podcasting is encouraged, there’ll be more software oozing out to support it. With the advantages podcast has to offer, it will definitely be beneficial for your business.

JULY 17, 2008 ISSUE #19