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Absolute Linking Vs Relative Linking

An absolute link gives the absolute path to a webpage where as a relative link points to the current area of the page. This short definition might not be enough to tell you the difference between these two. There has always been two sided opinion about which one should be used the most. It is better if I start off describing each one individually and then compare the pros and cons.

What is Absolute Linking?
When the href value is a fully qualified URL, it is known as an absolute link. A fully qualified URL consists of the transfer protocol (http://), domain name ( and filename (pagename.html). An absolute link looks like this: <a href= ““>

What is Relative linking?
When the destination href value is relative to the location of the current webpage or source anchor, it’s known as relative linking. Relative links can only link to a page from the same site. The address of the link is always relative to the position of the file. A relative link’s example: <a href=”links/webfiles.html”>

Absolute link Vs Relative link:
So which one is better? People have individual opinion about that but when everything is taken into consideration, absolute linking is a much preferred method. Here are the reasons why relative linking should be avoided. When you use relative link, search engines will index the non www version of your site which some search engines might take it as a different page from that of the one with www and you might lose the entire search engine ranking you’ve earned with so much effort. This will happen also if other sites link to you without www in the link. It is however much easier to code and program with relative links. It is equally easy to hack it. If you manage a large site with lot of folders and sub-folders, you might save a file in a wrong folder and all the links will be broken as the structure is not the same.

No matter how easy it is to program with relative links, it is always recommended to use absolute linking wherever possible. When you leave comments on posts or drop your address on directories, absolute linking will do a great job for better ranking of your site. Some major search engines index sites from popular directories like Most of your backlinks will be linking to, not There’s a possibility that search engines might index your site with and you could lose your search engines rankings as I’ve already mentioned before.

There are cases where using absolute links has caused difficulty in programming but due to the major problems caused by relative linking with search engine rankings it is highly recommended to use absolute links. It is always better to get good rankings on search engines as they bring more traffic to your site, the primary reason why you developed a site at the first place. When we compare these two linking method, absolute linking is preferred by most SEO experts.

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Get great links | Backlinks

Methods of Hyperlinking:
Google has given importance to backlinks ever since it existed. However, getting links from just any other site is not the solution to be on the good list of Google. The trick here is to get as many “Authority Links” as possible. Authority links are those which have been considered as websites of highest value by top search engines. In other words these web pages have high page rank and appear on top when you search for related keywords. It is for the best to avoid getting backlinks from sites that have been banned by Google. Text links are better option than banner links or image links so use text link using keyword anchor text. It is important you know the various methods of website linking or hyperlinking in regard to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for building back links.

Reciprocal Links:
In this type of website linking two websites interchange links to ensure mutual traffic. For example: A and B have websites. If A’s website links to B’s Site and B’s website links to A’s, the websites are reciprocally linked. There are many reciprocal linking websites where one can get many reciprocal linking partners. Some of the popular ones are:,

  • Three Way Linking:
    Three way linking is a special type of a reciprocal linking where you don’t have to give a link back to link partner but place his/her link on any other third party site. Three way linking can be explained as: Site A àSite B àSite CàSite A. Site A gives link to Site B, B places A’s link on a third party Site C which in turn links to Site A. This method is adopted to get link partners and save own site’s page rank. There are many websites that provide this service for free. Continue reading