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Behavioral Marketing – Behavioral Targeting

In the competitive business world it is very important to understand customer behavior in order to predict their desire and requirements. Behavioral marketing is the term used to describe the marketing strategy adopted by advertisers to make their campaigns more effective. Behavioral marketing lets you get in front of your target audience when they are most likely to purchase your product or service. In behavioral marketing, the information is collected based on individual’s web browsing behavior such as the searches they have made or the pages they have visited. This information is then used to decide which advertisement to be displayed to this individual. The advantage of behavioral marketing is that it delivers the advertisement to the users who are most likely to be influenced by them. The targeted audience could be based on factors like geography, demographics, the surrounding content etc. Behavioral marketing are also used on ecommerce or retail sites as a method to offer the relevant products and promotions on a visitor by visitor basis. Behavioral marketing focuses on mainly four types of customers:

  • Economic Shoppers: These are the shoppers who are interested in product quality, prices, value and other economic factors.
  • Ethical Shoppers: These are the shoppers who avoid websites which are unethical.
  • Personalizing Shoppers: These shoppers like to interact with the customer service staff.
  • Apathetic Shoppers: These shoppers avoid shopping and only shop when they must.

There are mainly three kinds of Behavioral marketing:

Based on Webpage Visited:
In this type of behavioral marketing, the behavioral segments are developed by accumulating the information on the type of website the user frequently visits. For example: if a users frequently visits or then the user is most likely to be a target for branded or fashion related sites when they are found on other general content type sites.

Based on Keyword Search Or Content Read:
In this type of behavioral marketing, the behavioral segments are developed by finding users who have made a search on specific keywords or read content with those keywords on it. These keywords will be the targeted keywords for your site as well. Based on that information you can run your advertisement campaigns to these users. For example: if a user reads an article about health issues, you can use behavioral marketing technique to target top ten keywords that occupy the concept of the page.

Based on Past Visitors:
In this type of behavioral marketing, the behavioral segments are developed by referring to users who have visited your website. You can keep the record of your visitors by placing simple codes on your website. You can place multiple codes on different pages and create segments for the individual pages like “home page viewers” etc. You can keep in track which page gets more visitors and which don’t, where you lose most of the visitors etc. Using this information you can improve your site quality.

There are mainly two benefits of behavioral marketing: You can enrich the relationship with your existing customers and you can acquire new customer relation too. Behavioral marketing is about providing your services or products to the users who have the desire for it, making it one of the best forms of marketing.

MAY 16, 2008 ISSUE #10

Get great links | Backlinks

Methods of Hyperlinking:
Google has given importance to backlinks ever since it existed. However, getting links from just any other site is not the solution to be on the good list of Google. The trick here is to get as many “Authority Links” as possible. Authority links are those which have been considered as websites of highest value by top search engines. In other words these web pages have high page rank and appear on top when you search for related keywords. It is for the best to avoid getting backlinks from sites that have been banned by Google. Text links are better option than banner links or image links so use text link using keyword anchor text. It is important you know the various methods of website linking or hyperlinking in regard to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for building back links.

Reciprocal Links:
In this type of website linking two websites interchange links to ensure mutual traffic. For example: A and B have websites. If A’s website links to B’s Site and B’s website links to A’s, the websites are reciprocally linked. There are many reciprocal linking websites where one can get many reciprocal linking partners. Some of the popular ones are:,

  • Three Way Linking:
    Three way linking is a special type of a reciprocal linking where you don’t have to give a link back to link partner but place his/her link on any other third party site. Three way linking can be explained as: Site A àSite B àSite CàSite A. Site A gives link to Site B, B places A’s link on a third party Site C which in turn links to Site A. This method is adopted to get link partners and save own site’s page rank. There are many websites that provide this service for free. Continue reading

Bring more Traffic to your website, increase visibility and backlinks

The popularity of internet seems to rise immensely in the past few years. It brings along a greater demand for websites. The new success formula is: “Successful Business = Successful Website”. It’ll be a waste if you build one of the best websites and yet it remains unknown. In order to gain success on the internet, visibility hence is a must. The website should be visible to both search engines and the users. The best way to draw attention is to be on the first page of search engines’ results esp. on Google, Yahoo or MSN. Most internet users rely on search engines to find what they are looking for. If you had built a website about 10 years ago, visibility was the easiest thing. A little bit of keyword stuffing and the search engines crown you the first page ranking. The Search Engines however have become really choosy on this aspect for the past few years. Keyword stuffing or other traditional methods won’t do much good to impress them.

So how do you really impress search engines these days? The first thing you need to do is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The other thing you can do is build inbound links. Inbound links are still given much preference by search engines. Getting one way links from popular sites have mainly two advantages: first your site gets indexed when the search engine spiders crawl the popular site and second is search engines think your link is important as it has been placed on a good ranked site. There are many methods to gain inbound links. The simplest way is to request the site owner to place your link on their website. It is simple but websites with high page ranks do not readily agree to place your link for free. You might have to pay them, exchange links with them or just look out for other websites since your page rank is not good enough for them. Yes it can get really depressing at times but hey no worries, I am here to help you with that. The other ways to increase your inbound links are as follows:

1. Pay Per Click (PPC):
If you cannot get on the first page of Google, Yahoo or MSN then PPC or Pay Per Click could be the thing for you. You bid for certain keywords and according to the clicks or the highest bid your advertisement with your URL will be listed on the search engine pages. This also is a good form of getting backlink or inbound link.

2. Social Networking:
Social networking is now the target for many marketers. With millions of users worldwide social networking is the best place to let the word out about your website. Go ahead open your own profile, let people know about you, your website, your expertise field and lots more. Here’s the list to start socializing on the internet.

3. Social Bookmarking:
Social bookmarking is similar to bookmarking in your browser. Wikipedia defines it as a method for internet users to store, organize, search, and manage bookmarks of web pages on the Internet. These bookmarking sites are the best way to get one way links. The idea is to get your website bookmarked. The more it is bookmarked the better it is for your website. Here’s the list of popular social bookmarking sites.

4. Blog Comments:
It’s time to get a bit creative here. Smart comments, suggestions are usually welcomed by bloggers. If you love to read then this is the best way to get backlinks for your website. Read the posts, drop your piece of mind, leave your URL and there you go, you got another easy way to get inbound links.

5. Forums:
You can participate on forums related to your business which is another way of marketing and getting backlinks for your website. If you are an expert in your field you can always be a forum authority. A forum authority is someone who is referred to as an expert in a certain field by the members. Forums are all about interaction, so communicate, provide tips, suggestions and people will respond to you.

6. Wikipedia:
There are very few internet users who haven’t heard about Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia. You can sign in for free and provide information about various fields. You can even edit contents of wikipedia. This is an informative site so anything that sounds like product promotion might be banned. It will be wise to go through their terms and conditions before posting your view on Wikipedia.

These are the 6 simple ways to get inbound links and advertise about your website. Even if you’ve made the best website in the world, no one would know about it until you spread the word. So go ahead, a little bit of hard work and creativity will bear fruit for sure.

MAR 19, 2008 ISSUE #2