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Improve your Online Business by Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) SEO for Online Business

If you need to find something on the internet, the first thing you would do is use a search engine to find it. Be it a local business or a product that is available in another country, a good search engine will give you results that will satisfy your query. A simple keyword or keyword phrase typed in Google, Yahoo or Bing can give you a list of related information on various websites.

Get more traffic
The best way to improve your online business is to increase the amount of targeted traffic that your website receives. You can do this by improving your website’s ranking on the organic search results page. The higher your website ranking, the more people will visit your website. The first step in improving your website’s ranking is to arrange the content on your web pages. You need to get rid of unnecessary information. Retain only information that is related to your business and to the products and services you have to offer.

Manage links
You need to manage the links on your web pages and facilitate easy navigation. Just like content, all the links on your website should be relevant to your products and services you offer. Remove unnecessary links and retain only the ones that your business needs. The volume and quality of links going in and out of a web page can effect the link equity which a critical metric for SEO. Even a well optimized site can lose out on its ranking because of this.

Use only acceptable optimization techniques
There are acceptable and unacceptable optimization techniques. Use of unacceptable optimization techniques can lead to your website being banned from the search engine pages. All your hard work in improving your website will go down the drains even if you try any one banned technique. Your website will not be given permission to be displayed at all on the search results page if this happens.

Get help if needed
You can always hire a reliable SEO management company or professional if you cannot do it on your own. A good company can effectively improve your website and incorporate tips that will help it get better ranking. Don’t fall for companies that guarantee a top listing on search engines because such companies might use the banned techniques mentioned above to improve your ranking which will ultimately result in your website being banned later.

April 28, 2010 ISSUE #47

Get your Creative Website Design by Best Web Design Company Best Web Design Company in Nepal

Consistent layout and navigation
These are very important to your website. A clean layout with neat navigation will enhance your website’s appearance. Keep the focus on content. You need to keep it simple. However, if you want a website with images and graphics, you can do so tastefully. Don’t make the website a big clutter of content and images. This will turn a visitor off.

Creative menus and buttons
Make use of creative but easy to use menus. If you have many links, you can use drop down menus. Additional information can be displayed in attractive flyouts. You can also use roll over buttons and images. These roll over buttons are such that additional content or images is displayed when the mouse is hovered over the button and the original content is displayed again when the mouse is moved away from the button.

Creative graphic and photo effects
If you come across any websites that use certain graphic and photo effects, you can consult your web designer on working out something of the same for your website. However, you need to ensure that nothing is over done. Use of simple, muted effects on images and graphics can be pleasing to the eye.

Websites that have interactive applications can enhance user experience. Web applications like newsletters, surveys, polls, guest books etc. can give a user a reason to come back to your website. Another idea is to use flash websites to display attractive video content and animation. The only drawback of this is that it is not ideal for Search engine optimization purpose.

April 23, 2010 ISSUE #46

Outsource Web Design to Offshore Web Development Company to make more profit in web business Offshore Web Design Development Company Nepal

Outsourcing your web designing responsibilities to an offshore web development company can prove to not only be inexpensive, but can also give you some quality results, provided the right web development company and location is chosen. There are a number of offshore web development companies that are good at their services and charge much lesser than the cost of web designing in your own country. Additionally, if you don’t have adequate labor that can excel in web designing, or come across sources that can do a better job of web designing than your own company might be able to, then it makes more business sense to use their services to your advantage. The added benefit of this is that you get to see excellent results while reducing the cost incurred by your company at the same time.

Handling higher-end projects
Offshore web development companies are showing more promise in handing higher end projects as time goes by. Web development techniques are now popular all around the world and most companies insist on hiring professional who are educated in the web design field and who are well capable of creating excellent websites that adhere to their clients needs and goals. Many offshore developers have also started taking up project like XML, software designing, web application designing etc.

Many companies initially only outsourced to one supplier for any one particular software development aspect. But as time progressed, companies are looking at multiple suppliers in multiple countries to take care of their web designing and software needs. They’re strategy usually lies in looking at the skill sets and pricing available in different countries and to choose that supplier that possesses the required skill set along with reasonable pricing methods.

Increasing demand
The demand for offshore outsourcing continues to grow in many countries. This obviously puts a lot of pressure on the labor costs in the market leading to an increased overall cost for the outsourcer. When faced with increasing costs, the outsourcing supplier will have to reduce service levels to maintain their own expenses which may lead to their moving the work to some other offshore location.

Outsourcing by the supplier
In tune with the above point, many suppliers are outsourcing their work to cheaper destinations like China and other parts of Asia to reap the same benefits that the official outsourcer was looking to take advantage of.

April 21, 2010 ISSUE #45

Custom Website Design and Web Development at Low Prices Custom Web Design Development Company

Building a website can be pretty easy if you know the purpose of the website and what you want out of the site. If you have money restraints, you don’t have to worry because you can find good web designers who can develop your website at reasonable prices.

Research on good web designers or web development companies
A simple search on any popular search engine can leave you with a million results on custom website design development companies. However, it is advisable that you do a little research before choosing a company to do your website. Also, be clear on what you want out of your site to avoid paying more for nothing. Below are a few important factors to keep in mind in order to design a good website.

Keep the content simple
One of the most important elements of your website is the content you put in it. Quality content also results in high ranking in search engine result pages. Search engines work to give users quality results on their searches. Keep it simple and ensure that your website is easy to read. Most website visitors don’t read all the content on one page. They usually scan through the page to see if they can find anything that would be of use to them. Hence, keep it simple and make sure that a visitor can get a good gist of what you have to offer without having to read too much. Also create headers between paragraphs or ideas so that visitors can find what they want easily. Ensure that you don’t have long paragraphs and break them up.

Colors and Font
Use high contrast colors for the font and background because this makes reading easier on the visitor’s eyes. Avoid vibrant background like orange and yellow because it makes reading text more difficult. Avoid bright background and bright text. Try and keep the background a light color and use dark colors for the text. Also, don’t make your website a concoction of colors. Keep it as simple and attractive as possible.

Ensure easy navigation
Make sure that visitors are able to find what they want in your website within three clicks. Keep the menus and links simple so that a visitor can go from one page to another without any difficulty. Plan the site around how a person would use it. This strategy will also make search engines navigate through your site easily. Also make sure that you don’t have more than two layouts in your site design. This makes it easier for a user to remember where your content is and makes it easier for him to get used to the site.

April 17, 2010  ISSUE #44

How Web Design can affect Search Engine Rankings

Your web design plays a very important role in the organic search engine rankings your website will get on a search result page. The most important factors are your website content and website navigation. Easy navigation through your website will help search engine spiders navigate easily through your website to find relevant content to the user’s search query.

The most important aspect in your website design is the text and content on the web page. Prior to making your website, you need to make a list of search terms ( key phrases / keywords ) that refer to your website or industry. Next, you need to place all those targeted keywords within your content to make it easier for the search engines to understand that the keyword put in or searched by the user of the search engine is satisfied by your website’s content. However, make sure that you don’t put irrelevant content because a visitor to your web site can easily notice this and not go any further while browsing your site. If you are aiming at only achieving top rankings in search engines and are not concerned about how visitors perceive your site, then irrelevant information regarding the search terms can be added. New content is very important because search engines love new content. Make sure that you include submission page to encourage new content. This makes it easier for users to submit content and opinions on your site.

Try to stick to html or similar formats while designing your website. Use of java script and flash will reduce easy indexing in search engines. It becomes more difficult for search engine spiders to read your website’s content when you use complex coding like java script. Html and similar script formats are easily readable by the search engine spiders.

Meta Tags
Ensure that you use properly coded meta tags in your website. Also include the Robots.txt tag to your site code. The importance of meta tags are underestimated. They won’t make any drastic change to your organic ranking, but they play the role of creating the display text that users will see when your website appears in the search result page. This increases the rate of click throughs because more relevant text is displayed to the user.

Use H1, H2 and H3 tags
Make sure that you apply proper tags to your web pages. H1, H2 and H3 tags play a role in grabbing attention to the content on your web page and also promote your website keywords. Try to use these tags at least once in your web pages.

Also, try and keep room for pages that you may want to add to the website later and ensure that they support link building and accessibility for the search engine spiders.

April 12, 2010  ISSUE #43