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Email Marketing II: Effective Email Marketing

effective_email_marketingEmail marketing though sounds like an easy task, takes proper planning and monitoring. The greatest risk on email marketing is being labeled Spam. People are very careful about spam mails these days, they either delete them without even opening them or use anti-spam filters to block them before reaching their inbox. So what can we do to stop getting our mails trashed or blocked? Let’s look at these tips:

  • Do not use no-reply mailing address:
    You should use your valid email address to send out the marketing email. If you do not want the replies to be send to your personal address, create a separate email address for it. People should be able to reply to your email. Some people have the habit of just clicking the reply button without checking the address. So use a proper email address and check it frequently. You can use a no-reply mailing address if your newsletter is just for information purpose.
  • Correct Spelling:
    Before you send out the emails, it is obligatory to check for any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. Poor grammar and spelling mistakes would not make a good impression on the readers. Also avoid jargons in your email.
  • Keep it Short & Simple:
    Divide your text into paragraphs and keep it short. In these few paragraphs you need to convince them and provide enough information about your product or service. Long boring mails are usually send to trash can. So be careful and keep it short, simple and interesting. I know it is sort of tricky but it is email marketing we are talking about.
  • Do not use ALL CAPS:
    Some people have the habit of using ALL CAPS to emphasize words or phrases. You can make use of it for some parts of the email but using it all over or using it at too many places can make it look like you are forcing things upon them. The other reason to avoid capital letters is that some spam filters delete messages which are in ALL CAPS.
  • Proper Fonts:
    To make the email readable it is advisable to use Arial or Verdana fonts. They look professional and clean. Make sure the fonts aren’t too big or too small.
  • Do not send file attachments:
    Any kind of file attachments should be avoided. Most recipients will hesitate to open attachments as they fear of containing computer viruses and they will delete it before reading it. The best alternative for file attachment is by turning it into a web page. You can provide the hyperlink to the file.
  • Deadline:
    If you have some offer for the recipients, provide an expiration date. Deadline is a good way of encouraging the readers to check on your offer.
  • Provide an Unsubscribe Option:
    People should be able to unsubscribe from your mailing list. You can provide an unsubscribe link at the bottom of your mail if they wish to remove their names from the list.

The last tip will be to provide the link that takes the customers directly to the offer page. You can use this alongside the deadline of your offers.

OCTOBER 23, 2008 ISSUE #32

Email Marketing I

What is Email Marketing?
Email marketing is a form of marketing done through electronic mails as a mean to promote product or service. Email marketing is one of the easiest, fastest and cheapest ways of reaching the customer. There are three types of emails send out to customers:

  1. Promotional Emails are sent to advertise about any product or service to the customer.  These emails should be able to convince the customer and encourage them to purchase the product.
  2. Regular Emails are sent to strengthen the relationship with the customers and to establish relation with the prospects.
  3. Placing advertisements on the emails send by other people.

Advantages of Email Marketing:
Email marketing is an easy way to advertise on the World Wide Web. Besides being one of the easiest ways of advertisement, email marketing has other advantages:

  • Email marketing has the ability to distribute the information to wide number of people at a low cost.
  • If your email marketing campaign is strong enough, it can take the form of viral marketing which is the best way to spread the news.
  • It takes less time than other marketing methods. (It generally takes just few seconds to send an email).
  • More people rely on email as a way of communication making it possible for more audience to view the advertisement.
  • Instead of waiting for the audience to visit your website, you can knock on their door steps and let them know about your offer.
  • When we send out emails, we send them to the targeted market who wants to know more about our service or product and not bother those who are not interested.

Disadvantages of Email Marketing:
Every coin does have two sides and email marketing is not free from it. Along with the advantages, its drawbacks make many marketers take a step back in following it. The main downside being the unsolicited bulk-mail also known as Spam. In some countries unsolicited emailing is a punishable offense. The USA, for example has CAN-SPAM Act 2003 (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act) which has very strict emailing rules like: no misleading information on emails, no deceptive subject lines, there should be an opt-out method, and promotional emails should identify itself as an advertisement and should include physical valid postal address. The other disadvantages include:

  • Deliverability: Corporate firewalls, webmail systems and ISPs (Internet Service Provider) sometimes prevent suspicious emails. Hence there’s no guarantee of deliverability.
  • Email Renderability: There are different email readers with different set-ups which make it difficult for HTML email creatives to be shown in the intended manner.
  • Email Preferences: It is difficult to keep up with different recipients with different preferences for offers, frequency and content.

Email Content:
It is very important to create an effective email to be sent out to the readers. You email should provide all the valuable information, that’ll help the readers know more about your company and its product or services. You should have a strong benefit driven subject line to let the readers open the email. You need to build a good relationship with the subscribers in order to retain the current customers and build trust. It is necessary to make your email interesting and informative.

There are various tools available online for email marketing. You need to take the targeted email list and avoid buying just any other lists provided. You need to be creative and trustworthy to increase customers through email marketing.

OCTOBER 16, 2008 ISSUE #31

How to write effective Google Adwords:

Google Adwords is one of the best advertising medium on the internet. Google is still ranked #1 when it comes to search engines and they place these advertisements on relevant search terms giving higher chances of the ad being clicked. The advertisers pay at least $1 per click for competitive keywords. But just paying more money does not guarantee the advertisement to be displayed on top. Google gives more preference to the most clicked ads than the highest paid ads. A simple equation might explain the reason behind this:
20 Clicks on Ad #1 ($1/click) > 2 Clicks on Ad #2 ($2/click).
Here you can see that 20 clicks on $1 per click ad generates $20 where as only 2 clicks on $2 ad generates $4, giving Google more profit from the $1 ad. Therefore it is very important that the advertisements placed are effective and that people are lured to click on it.

Rules of Google Adwords:

Besides your ad being creative and attractive, it has to follow few restrictions: Continue reading