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Don’t have your own business? Make money online by recommending other people’s products.

You don’t have to own a business. You don’t have to have products to sell, worry about the shipping, storing etc. to earn money online. The beauty of the internet is that you can promote other people’s products and earn commission through it. This is known as affiliate marketing. You can easily find companies who will readily let you promote their products and provide you commission for that. If you have marketing skill and you are confident about your ability then sky is the limit. Affiliate Marketing is the fastest way of earning money on the internet. It is ideal for those who do not have any product or service to offer. If you own a website then you can promote the products there. You don’t need complex websites for affiliate marketing. A simple HTML one would do just fine. Some companies even offer to provide you website to promote their products. So, to get started you need to find your niche market and find companies that sell that product and also run affiliate program. There are many affiliate programs that you can join without any hassle.

There are different ways to search for an appropriate affiliate program.

1. Affiliate Directories:
Affiliate directories are the easiest way to look for affiliate programs. Wikipedia defines affiliate directories as, “niche web directories that are very like the large and broad web directories like the Yahoo! Directory or the Open Directory Project also known as Dmoz. Web directories are like the Yellow pages in the offline world, listings of sites grouped by niche, geographic location or special characteristic or property”. Some of the famous affiliate directories are associatedirectories, affiliatescout, top-affiliate etc.

2. Affiliate Forums, Chats and Blogs:
The other medium to find appropriate affiliate program or affiliates is by visiting affiliate forums, chat rooms or blogs. They are good source to find affiliate programs and you can also get more information about affiliate marketing.

3. Affiliate Networks:
An affiliate network is an intermediary between the affiliates and the affiliate programs. They are third party solution providers who track your sales and makes sure you get paid. The affiliates can join without paying anything whereas the affiliate program or the merchants need to pay a fee.

4. Websites:
You can visit the websites of the companies who sell the products you are interested in and inquire if they have affiliate programs. It is a beneficial step to follow as there’s a greater chance of being offered good commission by less popular companies.

Many popular companies are adopting this concept to increase their sales. Affiliate marketing can be done through websites or through banner ads, text ads etc. Its popularity is due to its success.

Feb 18 2008, ISSUE #1