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Mr. Sanam Krishna Shrestha is the Founder, Managing Director of Avenues Nepal Pvt. Ltd. ( ). He started his career as a computer instructor in 1992. He taught computer packages in computer institutes and schools. He formed database applications development company “FoxValley CompuTech” in 1994 and worked as the proprietor, Systems Analyst and programmer till 1999. He joined an American owned company / Websoft International Pvt. Ltd. in the capacity as Business Manager and SEO Expert and gathered 5 years of experience. Now, he looks after the marketing division, business operation, resources of Services – Best for Small Online Businesses

Making the decision to create a website for your small business is a very good idea. This will be beneficial to you in many ways and also save you a lot of time and money while creating new customers simultaneously. However, you have to make sure that you invest in a good web designer to build you an effective website that satisfies all your needs.

Reduce cost
Many owners of small businesses are not fully aware of the many ways a website can help them. A website with good web design can help one make more money while reducing their current business expenses. A website owner can save a lot on printing costs, long distance phone calls, faxing and postage by reaping the benefits of having a good website.

Reduce expenses on phone calls and fax
Eliminate expenses on long distance phone calls by making sure your website has all the information that your customers would need. This information includes product details, descriptions, pricing, discounts, coupons, frequently asked questions etc. You can also make use of PDFs of printed documents online so that your customers can directly download them if needed and avoid the faxing expenses.

No brochures required
Instead of investing in expensive brochures, a small business owner can use the web site itself as a brochure. Additionally, updating the web design and content is much quicker and less expensive than updating printed brochures. Additionally, once a brochure is printed and needs changes, you would need to re-print a whole new set of brochures. With a website, simple updates will do.

Save time along with money
You can save valuable time by creating an effective website design. The website will provide all the information and answer most questions of your customers. Having well written text that is simple but effective can convert your leads without a commission. Most importantly, the website will be at work 24/7 and your customers can buy products or receive any information at any time convenient to them without you having to constantly watch over the website. The only effort you need to put into the website design is to update information on a regular basis.

Additionally, your employees will experience lesser interruptions at work because your website will take care of satisfying the needs of your prospective clients and customers. When they call you, they will be ready to purchase what they want from you without having any questions. This will result in saving time to spend in more productive activities.

April 6, 2010  ISSUE #42

Web Marketing Services is necessary for Website Promotion

Once you have created your website, you need to make sure that web users are aware of the fact that you have a product or service to offer. Unless your future customers are aware of your services, they won’t be able to do business with you. These products or services will obviously be clearly illustrated on your website, so now you need to get people to notice the website. Web marketing services are available to make this happen. Web marketing is the marketing of products and services over the internet. Web marketing usually ties together the technical and creative aspects of the internet. These include design, development, advertising and sales. Web marketing services help enhance your website’s visibility to your prospective clients. However, the type of web marketing you need to take up depends on your business model. The most popular ways of using web marketing services for your website promotion is search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )
SEO is done to improve your website’s natural ranking on the search engine result pages (SERP). If your website ranks among the first few listings for a particular, then the user will take notice of your website and check it out. Now, since the user typed in the keyword, he is obviously looking for something to do with that keyword and since your website is related to his search, you’ll have something to offer him that might interest him. This is the basic concept behind search engine optimization. There are many companies that offer their services to improve your website’s ranking in search engines.

Search Engine Marketing ( SEM )
SEM refers to placing advertisements on search engines to direct traffic to your website. The main advantage of SEM is that you’ll get instant qualified traffic for your website. However, the amount of traffic depends on your budget. Web marketing specialists can help you create good ads with targeted keywords which will help direct qualified traffic to your website. SEM is mostly done through pay-per-click (PPC) ads which means that you’ll pay for the number of clicks that your website’s ad receives.

A convenient way of online marketing is to submit information regarding your website on forums and discussion pages related to your industry.

Choose a safe company that offers online marketing services
Ensure that you choose a company that uses clean or white hat techniques of optimization. Many companies promise to place your website in the top ten ranks. There is no guaranteed way of placing a website in the top ten ranks. The techniques used by these companies can lead to your website being banned altogether by the search engine. The main goal of adopting SEO or SEM is to direct relevant traffic to your website and to increase your site’s visibility on the internet.

March 30, 2010  ISSUE #41

How to find an Inexpensive Website Design Company?

If you are planning to launch an online business, a good website is a must-have. Before you even think of designing it yourself, think how important a good web page is. Although this may sound surprising but a website design can make or break your business. Even though you may need to spend a little, you will get a lot in return.

A company that suits your budget
Different website design companies will have different charges for their services. So finding a good one and one that suits your budget can be challenging. First make a list of the services that actually fit your budget. After you have this list, you should check on each company and look for reviews as well. A quick chat with the customer service executives will help you figure out a way to cut costs and decide on the features you should add or skip.

Kinds of websites
You should also check as to what kind of a site you are looking for. Static websites, eCommerce websites and each of the other kinds of website will differ in how much it costs to design them. Whether you are looking for portals or informative sites, you should look for a place that charges according to pages. By keeping your websites low in number and asking for less fancy features, you can reduce the amount you spend on the web design company.

Experienced yet inexpensive
A few website designers charge reasonable amounts for their work even though they have a lot of experience in what they do. You should also look for one that offers maintenance as well. A company that shows you a design before finalizing it is a great way to reduce costs. This way you don’t have to go back for re-designing or correcting the layout after it is finished.

Content management
Content management is also an important feature and it is possible to find companies that provide partial or full content management systems for an additional price. If your requests are different from the features offered, you can probably find out how much your website will cost by asking for a quote. You can ask quotes from different web design companies and make a decision accordingly. Being able to modify your website saves you a lot of time and you don’t have to depend on somebody to do it for you.

March 28, 2010  ISSUE #40

How to choose Best Affordable Web Design Service?

Web design services are required by everybody that is trying to run a successful online business. Without a good functional website, your business will crash before it can take off. The great demand has lead to a sharp increase in the web design services. So how do you choose from the hundreds of web design services available today? It is not very difficult to find good web design services as long as you know what you are looking for.

Outsourcing your web design needs
Web design services cost the least when outsourced. When you let professionals take care of it, you are assured of the quality as well. Designing your own website is a great challenge and a risk as you are not very experienced in the field.

Experience counts
You should always choose a web design company that has experienced staff. When you discuss your specifications, they should come across like they know what to do. The number of years they have been in the business is also a good indicator of how well their service is. Although highly experienced ones that are under a lot of demand probably charge high, you will be able to find a balance between charges and experience that will suit your budget.

Choose the features
One of the best ways to choose an affordable web design service is by signing up for just enough number of pages that you require. Always make sure your webpage comes across as professional and should designed keeping the target market in mind. A lot of extra features can be added for a small amount as well which makes it cheaper for you. For any business, managing the budget is quite important and this is why you should skip the features that are not absolutely necessary for your business.

Professional service
The designing services must come across as very professional. Most will offer to show you a mock layout of the page before finalizing the design. This can help you make changes if you aren’t happy with it. You should check the reviews and make sure they deliver on time as well. Audio, video integration to your website may cost you more but if it will help business, you should consider it. Good customer service is also very important as this will keep you at ease and knowing you can contact them at all times with changes if any is also a relief.

March 19, 2010  ISSUE #39

The New Buzz in Town: Squidoo

Squidoo lensThe strange looking icon on the left is that of a squid and the eye ball at the end denotes lens. All together this is the logo of one of the most popular community websites that allows users to create pages (also known as lens in Squidoo).

History on Squidoo:
Seth Godin founded Squidoo in the year 2006 (alright I admit it’s not relatively new) as a platform for users to set up pages on any topic. They have a special term for the page known as “Lens”. On how Squidoo gets its name, Godin explains, “Squids have large eyes, and each lens on Squidoo provides a view on the world.”

Features of Squidoo:
The users here are known as “Lensmasters” and creating a lens is pretty easy with the facility of modules. You can include almost everything necessary on your page: text, images, RSS feeds, video, audio, recommendations, links and opt-in boxes.

What’s so special about Squidoo?
As a Squidoo user, I love their presentation. They are very friendly to the users, yes they are user-friendly as well. What’s the difference? Here’s a piece from the recent mail I got from them: “Happy Birthday! Okay, chances are it’s not really your birthday. But we wanted to give you a present anyway. So here it is. It’s another Squidoo secret. And it’s a big one. You’ve probably heard that you can make money from Squidoo. Yes, for free. We’re here to confirm the rumors.” You can see their approach is quite friendly. Ah wait I think I forgot to mention earning money from creating lens there. Let’s have a whole paragraph on that.

  • Making Money on Squidoo:
    Seth Godin states that he started Squidoo for the purpose of earning money, not only for the company but for charities and lensmasters who provide content as well. Squidoo earns money through ads and affiliate links. 5% of this goes to charity, 45% goes to the company and the remaining 50% is either donated to charity or given to the Lensmasters. The charity or the page creator earns depending on how popular the Lens is.
  • What else?
    Last but not the least advantage of creating Squidoo Lens is to get traffic to your site and your blog. Leave link of your website and your blog on your Lens and people are bound to click on that depending on how informative it is. The best way to enhance them is to keep updating them, add modules, experiment with the keywords, images and links, sky is the limit here!

Opening an account on Squidoo is real easy and it is equally easy to create lens there. The reason I am talking about this site is because it has so many features and it is like a micro search engine for the lenses. More and more people are into Squidoo these days. If you are a regular Twitter, Squidoo has the facility to announce your lens there as well. It has the facility to connect to all your social networking profiles in an easy way. Squidoo is a great platform, if you expertise on something. Share you knowledge and you shall be rewarded!!

August 25, 2009 ISSUE #38